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Artificial lawns manufacturing information and selecting
- Oct 17, 2016 -

   Manufacturing information, there are two kinds of artificial turf: polypropylene (Polypropylene,PP) and poly (Polyethylene,PE). PP material solid turf, sustained momentum is small, usually applied to smaller impact sports such as tennis. PE information on artificial turf is soft, buffering functions well, and less damage to the player, and applies to the larger impact of sports such as football, rugby, etc. Mixing two materials can also be made of artificial turf, so to sum up both the interests of satisfied competition needs. For some intense competition, in order to advance competition quality and try to cut back on athlete's injury, when in the selection of artificial turf, usually selected relatively high height of fiber materials, usually 25~50mm, and choose PEartificial turf or PE/PP mixed with information on artificial turf. Invention artificial Lawn Playground, in selected artificial lawn of height Shi, usually to thinking Stadium of all accounting, height relative high of artificial lawn, its invention and maintenance costs relative also high, in European many school playground often selected height for 19mm of lawn, 25~32mm height of artificial lawn on completely can supply a quality of playground, and some professional playground of artificial lawn height usually selected in 50~55mm, this height usually also was think is artificial lawn of ceiling.United States Rugby field, artificial grass height higher, about 70mm, but generally,there are not many such high artificial turf sports field.