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How to judge the quality of artificial turf
- Apr 26, 2017 -

Artificial turf market demand is increasing, but we all know how to judge the quality of good or bad? Today we follow the Qingdao Topgreen  to discuss:

1 Comfortable

Artificial turf grass fiber softening the more natural grass, the more comfortable, while reducing the risk factor of movement.

2 security

Contains the formation of abrasions and burns and heavy metal overruns; the former has a visual effect on the safety of the user, while the latter if the overrun, the user's health and the environment will be greatly damaged. European inspection laboratories on the heavy metal content of the specification requirements are very severe, compared to most of the domestic inspection laboratories on the heavy metal content of the inspection value is too wide.

3 motion function

Ball rolling

B. Angle of the ball rebound, including the angle

C. Shock absorption capacity of the site

D. Vertical deformation of the place

E. Site rebound function