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The best Artificial playground grass for kids of all ages
- Mar 24, 2017 -

It is worth considering whether you need to use synthetic grass to upgrade your lawn when children arrive at rough and tumble ages.


Artificial turf comes in many different styles and looks great at the same time. But how does it stack with other common playground surfaces and landscape choices? Here are some of the features for your home, the parliamentary recreation area or campus to choose the best playground surface.

High UV resistance

Let's take a look - when we're having fun with our family in the outdoors. The sun makes it more fun - but it can also heat the surface to touch the hands and feet and cause some materials to break down due to UV damage.

If you plan to play a game area in a sunny place, look for landscaping and surface solutions that provide high UV resistance to ensure that they stand the test of time.

Tough and durable

Playing outdoors is fun and a bit rough, which is why it is important to choose a playground surface that can withstand the high traffic intensity, not to mention some of the tumbling here and there.

Because the playground is designed to support the villain of the play, so it should be expected that the falling and slipping - make sure what happens when the surface will protect them, rather than further damage, this is a very important point.

Look for the life expectancy of the products you are considering and take into account the filler and durability of the fiber thickness. 

Allergen free

Game time is about fun and adventure - unfortunately, for many children, allergies can destroy all of this by causing irritation and sensitivity. Allergens can be found in a wide range of materials, including natural grass, sand, wood, and so on - and some natural surface options can attract stinging insects that can also cause allergic reactions.

Choose an allergy free landscaping option for your playground, such as fake lawn can reduce the risk of outdoor allergens to support a healthier, more fun game.